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Melrose Psychic near West Los Angeles, California 

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If you are looking for a local psychic to help you with tarot card readings, palm readings, love advice or anything else, the best psychic to go to is at Melrose Psychic. I have been a spiritual consultant for over 40 years, and as a true psychic, it is my destiny to help everyone in the West Los Angeles, CA area have a better understanding of their past, learn how to cope with their present, and know what they are heading toward in the future.

As I firmly believe that people need to identify their issues in order to overcome them, I can help you do exactly that. You may not even have a question in mind, which is okay, because you can leave it up to the universe, to help guide you in finding the answers that you never even realized were troubling you.

Whether you’re looking for love advice, a crystal reading or a lifetime spiritual advisor, the most important thing is to take that first step by calling me at (323) 831-8301. In fact, if you don’t want to come in from West Los Angeles, CA; you can always have a reading over the phone.

I am happy to do in home readings as well as parties, but it is smart to book in advance, as I am a true psychic that has clients including movie stars and politicians.

One rule that I do stick by is that I will never wish harm on anyone. I can identify if someone is doing that to one of my clients and offer advice on how to handle the situation, but revenge is not my thing, so if that’s something that you are looking for you’ll need to find a different professional psychic.

When you’re ready to get advice on all matters of life, past, present and future, call Melrose Psychic at (323) 831-8301 and learn all the solutions to your problems.