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Melrose Psychic Services

Crystal Reading and Love Advice in Los Angeles, California 

Since our inception, Melrose Psychic has provided excellent psychic services for the residents of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California. We use a psychic reading to help lead you to the right decision if you are at a crossroads in your life. From a crystal reading to our readings of tarot cards, you can rely on trusted life and love advice from a spiritual advisor at Melrose Psychic. For more information on the psychic services provided, contact us. 

Melrose Psychic provides a variety of psychic medium services.

Our local psychic is proud to offer psychic readings focused on love and relationships. This psychic reading is specific in helping your relationships with another person. This reading can help you find out if the love between you and your partner is true love. As a love advisor, I can also help reunite you with an ex or long- lost love. This can also be done as a phone psychic reading if you are long- distance.

With no time limit and use of the full deck, you can be sure that you are receiving the best value from your experienced psychic. Tarot card readings answer your specific questions and can help you make the best decision when you are undecided. Pricing varies depending on the length of your tarot card readings.

Palm readings are an age old method of gaining new information about a person’s past, present, and future. By having a professional psychic study the lines in your palms, you can learn new attributes of yourself, as well as information about your health and destiny.

Our Services

psychic telling the future with crystal ball on a table in Los Angeles California
Psychic Reader 

When you find yourself looking for a psychic reader to provide you with the major elements that you have been missing in your life, rest assured Melrose Psychic is for you. As a leading psychic in the area, you will be given insight on things such as future relationships, luck, blessings, and so much more.

Chakras over a human body in a psychic shop
Spiritual Reader 

As your leading spiritual advisor, Melrose Psychic will help you resolve issues within your life, that seem out of control. A spiritual reader will analyze the issues you are facing, and help you tap into the universal goodness. Reveal what you are lacking, receiving, fears, and self-doubts that you had not been previously aware of.

tarot card readings in  Melrose Psychic Shop
Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards will provide an individual with an outlook on their past, present, and future. Whether you choose to ask a question or not, the universe will give you cards that are relevant to your life. Each card is turned face up and explained in a manner that applies to you and your particular situations.

psychic reading the lines on a man's hand 
Palm Readings

Within the lines of your palms are all the questions you have always pondered in life. Whether you’re looking to understand your future better, how many children you will have or your life expectancy; a palm reading will give you just that. Palm reading is an excellent way to connect with yourself and gain insight into your own life.

ancient viking runes in a Los Angeles psychic shop
Viking Runes

Dating before the use of tarots, Viking runes are used to identify the outcome of any particular situation. This tool is used by Melrose Psychic to help you gain better insight on your future, and better understand your present. Often used along with gems and tarots, you will be given the most spiritual guidance and understanding through Viking runes.

spiritual healing and protection with gems and crystals
Crystals and Gems

After being used for centuries, gems and crystals have been cultivated into nearly every spiritual healer's routine. With their protections blessings, healing, and spiritual powers, gems will provide you with indescribable grounding. Maintain the energy around you, and remove unwanted energy with gems like amethyst and quartz.

Love Connection

If you are experiencing a boundary in your love life, call down the angel of love to help you resolve these issues. Obstructions in love can be restored with a powerful and potent love spell. With help from Melrose Psychic you can regain the intimacy, passion, and communication that you once shared with your loved one.