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Resolve the past, enlighten the present, and predicting the future!

Psychic Services and Tarot Card Readings in Los Angeles, California 

Psychics, tarot cards, and Viking runes can determine what's going on in your life, help you to resolve your past, enlighten your present, and predict your future. It can and will give you the cause, effect, and outcome on any one of your problems or questions.

With psychic services by Melrose Psychic, you can expect honesty and empathy. With over 40 years of experience providing tarot card readings as a local psychic to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California, you can be sure that you are receiving sound advice about life and love. To schedule an appointment at our location with a professional psychic, call (323) 831-8301.

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Palm Readings 

Our palm reading services are great for those looking to better understand their future endeavours. Have you ever been interesting and learning who you will marry, how many kids you will have or how long you will live? With our personalized palm reading services you can gain answers to these questions, and learn more about your personality and success outlook.

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Tarot Cards 

With our tarot card readings, you can choose to ask particular questions or allow the universe to provide you with the answers you need. Each card will provide you with guidance or advice on your life in the present of future events. We have provided centuries of tarot card readings, providing clients with the best spiritual guidance available.

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Love Connection 

Call down the guardian angels of love to help you with boundaries or barriers that you may be facing. Heavenly assistance can help you find the peace and love connection that you seek. Whether it be family or relationship love, this powerful connection can restore the communication, trust, intimacy or passion that you seek.

What We Do

Are you looking for insight on your past? Want to be sure that you are making the right decision in the present? Curious about your future? Melrose Psychic can provide you with answers to all those questions and more. While I will not always tell you exactly what you want to hear, you can be guaranteed that I will tell you the truth during your psychic reading.

We provide tarot card readings. Tarot readings address specific questions you may have and can help you make a decision that is particularly difficult. One visit will amaze you!

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Love Advice and Palm Reading in Los Angeles, California 

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor

As an experienced spiritual advisor, we work as your psychic medium and fortune teller at the time of your psychic services. A crystal ball reading can answer questions about your past, present, and future.

Contact a local psychic advisor at (323) 831-8301 for more information on professional psychic services.

We also offer chakra balancing, a way of maintaining ultimate wellbeing physically and mentally. Chakra cleansing provides deep healing. Melrose Psychic is one of the few psychic mediums blessed with this gift.

For group readings, love advice, and general psychic readings of all types in Los Angeles, reach out to Melrose Psychic. As a gifted fortune teller, spiritual consultant, and palm reader, I am determined to answer the questions you may have about your past, present, and future. Contact us for availability, or to book an appointment.